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What is the silicone rubber product in life?

  Silicone rubber products use silicone products and rubber products as the main raw materials to produce various silicone rubber products. Silicone rubber products are closely related to people's lives. Remote controllers, keyboards, pos machines, scanners, mobile phones, electronic dictionaries, mobile phone sets, etc. Both are related to silicone rubber products.
    Silicone rubber products are generally non-toxic, but if the manufacturer adds some cheap and inferior chemical substances for the sake of greed, then there will be certain toxicity, and the color will not be colorless, all have excellent Some impurity colors, as long as the colorless silicone rubber products are non-toxic.
    Silicone rubber products are widely used. Silicone rubber products are biocompatible materials, so qualified silicone rubber products can be used as artificial organs, and can be used by the beauty industry and physiotherapy industry. Equipment required for silicone rubber products:
    Mixing machine: used for mixing and cutting; hydraulic press: used for forming silicone rubber products; box testing machine: used for secondary vulcanization of silicone rubber products; screen printing machine: used for silk printing of silicone rubber products; spraying machine: Used for spraying silicone rubber products, there are manual spraying machine and automatic spraying machine; laser engraving machine: laser engraving for silicone rubber products; load machine, life meter: for product quality inspection; silicone rubber product manufacturers : Dongguan Shengdao Silicone Rubber Products Co., Ltd., your trusted partner.
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